Talent Jam Terms and Conditions: 

Registration to attend any Talent Jam (“TJ”) licensed event (“Event”) affirms the following terms and conditions.

All pitches are recorded at the Event. Beyond the Event, the goal of TJ is to discover and improve access to local talent by sharing these pitches freely and widely to a global audience.

Registration to pitch at or attending an  Event affirms your agreement concerning your participation at the Event. In consideration for the platform provided to you, and in support of the goals of TJ, you grant Talent Jam, LLC, its event licensees, and other entities – e.g., broadcasters – (collectively, the “TJ Parties”) the right to record, stream, film and photograph your pitch at the Event (the “Pitch) and to distribute, broadcast, edit, translate (as discussed below) or otherwise disseminate it, without any further approval from you, in whole or in part, throughout the world, in perpetuity, in any and all media now known or hereafter developed. This grant to the TJ Parties includes, but is not limited to, the right to use the Pitch either alone or together with supporting information, such as your name, voice, photograph, likeness and biographical data (collectively, “Supporting Information”).

Talent Jam is permitted to use your business’s or personal brand’s logo and name on the Talent Jam website, event signage, or for any other promotional purposes.

Examples of permitted uses of the Pitch and Supporting Information include displaying the Pitch on the Talent Jam YouTube channel or on TJ’s website, thetalentjam.com; broadcasting the Pitch on television; and distributing the Pitch on DVDs, mobile phones, films, and other video distribution channels, such as iTunes.

If Talent Jam or an affiliate must cancel the event, Talent Jam will provide a full refund of ticket cost only. Talent Jam and its affiliates are not responsible for travel, hotel, or any additional costs associated with the event. Talent Jam accepts no liability if an event is cancelled or postponed for reasons beyond our reasonable control resulting from an act of God, governmental regulation, fire, war, terrorist activity or civil commotion. Tickets are non-transferable.

Individuals attending Talent Jam can cancel attendance with no penalty up to twenty-four hours prior the scheduled event start time. Any cancellations occurring less than twenty-four hours prior to the scheduled event start time will not receive a refund. Cancellations should be made directly through Eventbrite or by contacting Talent Jam directly at information@thetalentjam.com.

TJ encourages sharing each pitch. Accordingly, your Pitch may be distributed under a “Creative Commons” license, which allows each distributed pitch to be re-published in noncommercial, non-derivative works, as long as appropriate credit is given and the pitch is not edited or distorted.  Registration to pitch at or attending the , you acknowledge and agree that you do not object to the distribution of the Pitch by the TJ Parties under a Creative Commons license.

TJ places a great emphasis on reaching a global audience. To achieve this goal, your Pitch may be translated into any language. Translators follow the guidelines established through TJ’s Open Translation Project. Registration to pitch at or attendinga TJ event, you acknowledge and agree that you do not object to having your Pitch and Supporting Information translated in this way.

In addition, you understand and agree that: (i) TJ Parties are not obligated to use the Pitch or Supporting Information in any way; (ii) you will not receive any form of payment with the use of the Pitch and/or Supporting Information; and (iii) you may not revoke the rights granted in this Release.