What is Talent Jam?
Talent Jam is a one-of-a-kind, hyperlocal connectivity tool for individuals, businesses, and organizations to share and find great talent.


Why does Talent Jam exist?
Talent Jam creates a direct, personal, and authentic connection between local talent and the organizations that need them.


How do Talent Jam events work?
Talent Jam live events consist of a two-part program.  First is live, 1-minute, "open mic" pitches, where presenters describe their talents or talent needs to the audience.  The second part is networking that's made more authentic by the context gained from the pitches.


Who should attend a Talent Jam?
Anyone looking to connect with great talent, businesses, and organizations in their local community.


Who should pitch a Talent Jam?
Anyone looking to find great talent in their local community or share their unique talents.


What's a typical Talent Jam pitch like?
Creativity and energy are highly encouraged, so no two Talent Jam pitches are alike — we love that!  You have one minute to tastefully and respectfully share whatever you'd like and however you'd like to share it.  Though, we suggest you share who you are, what you want, and what you have to offer.


Can I attend Talent Jam if I don't pitch?
Absolutely.  Lots of people come to Talent Jam just to watch the pitches and take part in the networking.


Is Talent Jam a job fair? 
Lots of people find jobs at Talent Jam, but the event is not a traditional job fair.  Instead of a bunch of tables with employers, Talent Jam attendees watch 1-minute pitches from both talent and talent seekers and then have the opportunity to talk to them.


Who typically pitches at Talent Jam?
The most common "need talent" pitch is a business or organization looking to hire part or full-time help on either a contract or employment basis.  Similarly, the "have talent" pitches are people interested in new professional opportunities.


Is there a fee to pitch at Talent Jam?
Yes but it's not much - around $20.  Check your local Talent Jam for details.


Can I bring my resume / CV to Talent Jam?
Of course.